thomas m wilson

Arriving in Granada

June 2nd, 2023

First impressions of an old city in southern Spain…. getting cervezas and tapas in Castenedas, an old Spanish bodega with barrels and legs of ham hanging from the ceiling and old wooden bar and lively atmosphere.  That was after walking out of my first Spanish class on a Monday afternoon. Walking up to the Alhambra through the cool atmosphere of the chestnut trees and running water beneath them, to a fountain on top of the Alhambra amongst a symmetrical garden in the late evening light.  A cat lapping from the fountain before me, with one eye on intruders. On a sunny day splashing water from the fountain in the Plaza Nueva onto my hot arms and neck, and then sitting feeling refreshed and cool, and watching the bustle of people and faces and lives loiter and pass.  Walking down the pass between the Alhambra by myself one evening at 830pm towards the Rio Darro, and looking at the crumbling red rammed earth fortifications from centuries past, and hearing the water tumble downhill, in chorus with my downhill footfalls.

Alhambra, a treat for the eyes as you sit in a bar opposite with a cold drink.
Walking up a gorge of the Sierra Nevada, out of Monachil, 8kms from Granada (a short bus ride).
The belvedere of the Generalife, a Moorish architectural coup, where the windows were designed to be sat on the floor in front of.
The same location… This was actually my favourite location in the entire Alhambra…
The cathedral of Granada rears up when you turn down a narrow street…
After running up the mountains behind Granada I and a friend returned late one evening to see this.
Sitting by myself outside the Parador next to the Alhambra I pondered on why Western Australians don’t learn lessons in designing public spaces from southern Spain…
The water is taken from the Darro river several kms upstream and moved on channels to the Alhambra, where it flows through these and many other water features (you can drink it, its delicious water, as this cat knows).