thomas m wilson

Acro Paleo

June 8th, 2015



Flight, the Darling Scarp, Western Australia.




An autumn afternoon and evening spend playing acro yoga with a bunch of friends.





Acro yoga is a good Paleo fitness activity: it brings together the tribe, pushes your proprioceptive ability, increases your muscular strength and power, loads the skeletal system with heavy forces, and can be done in a wild natural setting.  And notice I said ‘playing’ acro yoga… Its never too serious.




The activity brings you into the moment.  Lying on your back looking up at the blue sky, focusing your strength to create a stable base, you can only think of the present instant or everything would come crashing down.




Contrast being here amongst trees and boulders and friends, with being amongst the dutiful masses, pushing heavy bits of metal in a loud and expensive gym full of “mirror athletes”…

Its an easy choice for me at least.