thomas m wilson

Moral Leaders of the Nation

January 18th, 2012

Over Christmas I took the opportunity to look back over some of the talk from 2011.  Here I bring you the words of the ‘moral leaders of the nation’.  The first comes from the American nation.  The second comes from the Australian nation.

The first comes from American author Bill McKibben, and the second comes from Australian senator Bob Brown. The first speech comes from Washington DC., from Powershift, a coming together of youth climate activists in Washington early in 2011. You’ll hear Al Gore after McKibben has spoken.  In the second half of the show we return to Australian politics.  In May of last year Bob met the press and turned the tables on some of the journalists in the Canberra media scrum.  Along with the recording of Bill McKibben and Al Gore, this bit of audio rated for me as one of the most interesting as I looked back on 2011.  Here is this week’s show.