thomas m wilson

Hallo Vietnam

October 12th, 2011

On the spur of the moment I booked a ticket to Hanoi, northern Vietnam, last week.  Tonight I sit on the balcony of a wooden stilt house by a lake with touring limestone peaks as a dimly made out sky line all around.  This laptop is about to run out of batteries, so I’ll keep this short and write more soon.  Last night I sat on the back of a scooter and crossed downtown Hanoi in peak hour traffic, in a tropical downpour.  I have to say that this one of the scariest experiences of my life and I loved it.  The traffic in Hanoi is a quivering and twitching organism of intricate give and take.  Amazing experience. Didn’t like the feeling in my lungs, but amazing.   The food here is the best I’ve ever eaten and leaves Thailand for dead.  I’m on the move with lovely local Vietnamese people.  Half of this countries 83 million people are under 30, and it seems like every single person here is a slim and good looking 25 year old.  A huge number of people still live in the country and they know more than us Westerners that eating is an agricultural act.  More soon.  Facebook is blocked in this Communist state by the way.