thomas m wilson

The Gyuto Monks of Tibet, Speaking Direct from Kulcha

June 21st, 2011

Tibet has maintained a deeply conservative cultural tradition and religion for many hundreds of years behind a curtain of high mountains.  If you were at the Burswood Dome last weekend to see the Dalai Lama you would have seen the red robes and yellow hats of the Gyuto monks, costumes that have not changed for centuries.  The monks are in town this week, and I caught up with them.

Gen Lama Thupten Phuntsok is the man I first talked with, through a translator of course.  The head lama comes direct from Dharamsala, India with his group of Gyuto Monks to begin the year long Infinite Present Tour of Australia.  Later in the excerpt I talk with Maureen Falon, and I think she really gets to the heart of why you should come and spend some time with the monks at Kulcha this week.  Listen up.

Look at this monk’s expression – you can see the focus required to make a sand mandala…


As the Gen Lama takes his seat on the stage my eye drifted to a healing bowl.  This is the bowl you can hear singing at the start and end of the interview I did with the lama.