thomas m wilson

Green Island Visions at Kulcha

August 8th, 2010


Last Friday at Kulcha (the venue I work at in Fremantle) was a celebration of Jamaican Independence Day, ‘Roots of Reggae’.  The venue at Kulcha looked like a haven of greens, with huge branches of tropical foliage turning the downstairs entrance hallway into a jungle.  Upstairs at the bar were found real whole coconut cocktails, and if you turned right and walked across to the dance floor you would have looked up and seen projections of tropical landscapes, and tenement yards, above the DJs and MCs.  This was another Green Island Visions production, a result of my wiping away humidity from the glass of my lens in various tropical forests and coasts around the world and bringing the results back to venues in Australia.  Live Vjing is an art in itself, and what I do is more pre-edited video and photography montage production. The point is to bring to the people some of the beauty of tropical nature while mixing it into the musical heritage of Jamaica.  The next time Green Island Visions appears will probably be for another reggae party in September 2010.