thomas m wilson

A Green Place By the Sea

February 24th, 2008

Look at my American gallery on this website to see recent sights to have met my eyes – my image editing software is broken, so I’m just putting unedited images straight into the gallery at the moment.

So, another epistle from the headquarters of credulous Californian hippydom. Rather than dwelling on the negatives of being here, like little time to one’s self and little privacy, I’ll throw down some vignettes of things I’ve enjoyed.

An early morning awakening rewarded with a pink sky, and a rainbow in the midst of the mellow splendor.

Stopping on the road and watching five condors swing and glide out of towering thermals. They were flying without needing to move their wings, as though they were using hang-gliders with fixed structures above their torsos.

At Point Lobos. Cold and windy, and towards the end of the day. Shadowy vistas, grass glades, wizened, wind-wracked zig-zagging boughs of Monterey Cypress, and ancient and tilted stone boulders above the loquacious Pacific. A philosophical location.

Here’s a photo of the front lawn of Esalen…  two young fellas watch the sun slip away.