thomas m wilson

Funny Weather

January 10th, 2007


Funny Weather by Kate Evans is a recently published book of cartoons about climate change (Myriad Editions: 2006). I’ve just finished reading it and it is essential reading: humorous, honest and entertaining drawings and witty commentary on the biggest issue in town. I thought I knew plenty about climate change, but I also learnt a few things from Evans’ book (here are a few pages from the book for you to preview). I was so impressed by the ability of this slim volume to pull one’s attention along, that I might go and leave a copy of this book in the waiting room of my local doctor – I’m sure some of the patients will pick it to pass the time. This is pretty crazy but you can’t buy the book in Australian book shops right now, so you have to resort to ordering it off Amazon.
There are many more obviously funny cartoons in the book, but the above image of Gandhi has lodged itself in my mind. If you’re not living in a log cabin far from news of the day, and you have an ethical bone in your body, then it is likely that you will have informed yourself about the developing global climate crisis and decided that low carbon living is the way to go. But you may despair that your efforts are ultimately not going to change the course the majority of your neighbours have set the planet on. When you feel like this, remember this image of Gandhi, and don’t give up.