thomas m wilson

Locating Civil Unrest

December 26th, 2006


So this is my home town, all alone besides the big, old Indian Ocean. Let’s narrow things down a bit…


This is the port town of Fremantle, part of the larger city Perth. You can see two patches of green at the top of this photo: these are the two remaining good sized patches of nature around here, otherwise known as Bold Park and King’s Park. I treasure them.

The red arrow is pointing at the gardens and building known as FERN (Fremantle Environment Resource Network). Let’s look closer…

You can really see in this photo the way in which Fremantle is involved in the sea, the way in which this port town leans against and takes into its open arms, the lapping ocean.
The red arrow shows the way for present purposes. You can see that FERN sits in the corner of the grounds of the Fremantle golf course. At the corner of Montreal and High streets, for those planning a visit.

Our regular Tuesday evening meals will start again on the second Tuesday in January. On this first event for 2007 I will be fermenting some civil unrest; from approximately 6.30pm. To be specific, I will be screening some films, streamed off the internet, using a digital projector. These include a video made about a conference in Lyon called ‘Towards Car Free Cities‘, and a film out of San Francisco about an ingenious style of car busting. I might even show the Edward Abbeyesque video for discontented youth now on the net.

I love to watch the astounding cinematography of the BBC’s recently released ‘Planet Earth’ series with the sound turned down and ambient music by the likes of Eluvium or Markus Geunter coming out of my stereo’s speakers. However this film screening at FERN will be much more about involving you and I in environmental action. My brother gave me a year-long subscription to Carbusters magazine for Christmas, and it has introduced me to a whole new social movement and its milieu. The films I will show will present the growing car-free movement, a movement which empowers urban citizens to express their discontent over gas-guzzling oil addiction.

See you there.