thomas m wilson

Tuesday night at FERN.

August 23rd, 2006

Earlier this evening I was over at FERN. This Tuesday night gathering is gathering force. My friends Nick and Johnny projected some of their photos…


I projected some of my own images later in the evening. While the photos rolled off the digital projector I gave a commentary, to those willing to listen, which was possibly a little blurred due to the effects of shiraz.


Yesterday I and my friend Ravi, a Byron Bay horticulturalist now based in Fremantle, prepared the soil for a large garden bed at FERN. I thought it was time that we kicked the ball off in terms of gardening here at the site, so away we went. We planted seeds and seedlings of capsicums, cucumbers, eggplants, chilli, silverbeet, basil, and tomato. I even put in a few kangaroo paws, Perth’s great glory.

I and Ravi stepped out into the dark this evening for a photo beside our soon to be germinating bed of life.


In an issue of the British magazine The Ecologist the journalist Paul Kingsnorth recently reminded me of the campaign during the second world war in England to get families to grow their own vegetables.


Britain needed to become self-sufficient in terms of food at this time with the seas swarming with German U-boats.


Next time you hear a check-out chick ask you if you want fly-buys at the supermarket, just remember: Dig for Victory!