thomas m wilson

At home on the ground in Perth.

December 1st, 2005

This is the path along the Swan river in Peppermint Grove. Melaleuca in bloom in the foreground.
peppermint grove
Before I moved to Fremantle I was living further up this river, on its northern side. I often found my looking at the crassly ostentacious houses of the rich and thinking what a waste of resources they’ve heaped up into a pile. The people they vote into power prioritise economic growth. My t-shirt explains the rest (if you don’t live in Australia, Lib-Nat is an acronym of the ruling federal party of right-wing henchmen).
I find myself much more at home on the banks of the river beside a young tea tree than clamped behind gates of steel.
tea tree
This picture below is of John Forest National Park in the hills behind Perth. John Forest was a former premier of Western Australia, as well as being a bit of a man of the land. If we’ve forgotten most things about him, we remember him gratefully for this park. Granite boulders here are hundred of millions of years old.
darling hills
A couple of months ago my local patch of dirt staged one of the largest floral displays on planet earth.